Welcome to Snapshots with Kathy. I thank you in advance for reading these beautiful snapshots…snapshots of God’s kindness, love and wisdom.  My prayer is that God will use these snapshots to give hope and direction to any who choose to engage with them.  Thanks for joining me on this journey. Kathy.

The Latest:

Snapshot of Endurance

You probably understand life fully. Maybe you are one of those people who nods and smiles no matter what comes your way.  I’m happy for you.  Sadly, that’s not me. I mull and wonder and go over everything in my head believing that I can make sense of it, and once I understand it I … More Snapshot of Endurance

Snapshot of Thawing Meat

Sometimes I wake up crabby. I don’t know why. No one has yet said or done anything that upset me. I don’t recall bad dreams or fitful sleep. I am just crabby. When my kids were young I would sometimes announce at breakfast, “I’m crabby today. I don’t know why. It’s not your fault and … More Snapshot of Thawing Meat

Snapshot of a Four Leaf Clover

One of my husband’s favorite pastimes was to drive around and look at houses. We were not buying or selling, we were not remodeling and we were not moving. He just liked to drive around and look. On my scale of fun things to do this activity rated just above cleaning the bathrooms. He always … More Snapshot of a Four Leaf Clover


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