Welcome to Snapshots with Kathy. I thank you in advance for reading these beautiful snapshots…snapshots of God’s kindness, love and wisdom.  My prayer is that God will use these snapshots to give hope and direction to any who choose to engage with them.  Thanks for joining me on this journey. Kathy.

The Latest:

Snapshot of Basketball

My son is tall. When he was in Junior High and High School he enjoyed basketball (still does). I became obsessed with getting him a basketball hoop for Christmas. I so badly wanted him to be able to play any time he wanted to…to be the house his friends could gather to play. This was … More Snapshot of Basketball

Snapshot of a Road Trip

I took a road trip. Actually I took two road trips with a four month vacation in the middle. I drove from California to Florida and back. I put approximately 7800 miles on my literally brand new car (my transmission blew on the old car one week before I was to leave on my adventure). … More Snapshot of a Road Trip

Snapshot of Great Wine

The idea of turning water into wine has been mentioned in books, movies, on TV and certainly in innumerable conversations. It’s the idea of taking something common and plentiful and turning it into something extraordinary. You probably know that the basis for it is a 1st century Palestinian wedding as told in the Bible. A … More Snapshot of Great Wine


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