Kathy Christopher

I, Kathy Christopher, am a ‘seasoned’ mom, grammy, daughter, sister and friend.  I was a pastor for almost 30 years and retired mid-2019 from serving at Christian Assembly in Los Angeles. I earned my Master of Divinity from Fuller Seminary in 2009.
 My husband died suddenly in July 2010 and I have navigated the last decade as terrain I hadn’t anticipated.  Budd and I had great retirement plans.  Alas, he bailed on me.

My two children, son and daughter, are fabulous. They have their own families and have been kind enough to give me four grandchildren.  They, too, are fabulous. My kids live close enough to be in life together.  It is a deep gratitude of mine. My mother has lived with me for almost 15 years. She will turn 91 this September.  She is still vital, faithful and kind…another great gratitude of mine (who wants to live with a bitter old lady, after all. She sure doesn’t).

 I live a peaceful life mostly and feel the kindness of God in every aspect of my days. I like long walks on the beach and…..  Never mind.  That’s enough about me. 

Sherry Ardis Barrett graduated from Calvin University with a B.A. in Visual Communications and an Mrs. degree from Dr. Justin L. Barrett, PhD Psychology. Her work has covered from Custom Publishing Group to Young Life, but her best work was Mom to Skylar and Sierra. As Justin taught at Oxford University Sherry was able to refine her art while living in England. After relocating to California, Sherry and Kathy met at Christian Assembly Church in Los Angeles. The two became friends and began this crazy snapshot journey. Sherry’s goal as an artist is to “help others see” God’s truths revealed in meaningful images. Learn more at http://www.sherrybarrettart.com 

Connie Chandler has known me since the day I was born. She is my sister. She lives in The Villages, FL with her wonderful husband, Al, and is surrounded by great friends. Connie develops online training modules for businesses. She is an artist who works predominantly with colored pencils. Connie is one of the kindest people I know and has influenced me greatly. Thank you, Sistah, for joining in this venture!