Snapshot of a Compass

In the olden days (when I was young) when you asked for directions you would probably hear something like, “head north for about an hour until you see the river then go right for a while until you come to a bridge. Cross it and head east until you come to the town.”  This is … More Snapshot of a Compass

Snapshot of Pom-Poms

Pom-poms are standard factory issue on all human beings. We are created to celebrate and encourage other people, and to be celebrated and encouraged. One of the first things we teach babies to do is to clap their hands. I have held the chubby little hands of my kids and my grandkids as I chanted … More Snapshot of Pom-Poms

Snapshot of Water Paints

When my kids were little I found a new kind of coloring book. All you needed in order to paint was water. You dip your brush in the water and “Whallah!” the picture would come alive with color. In the lines of the drawing was imbedded paint that only appeared when you added the water … More Snapshot of Water Paints

Snapshot: Better Together

Matt was five and Anna was two. One day, late in the afternoon, I asked Matt to take Anna and straighten up their room while I made dinner. Matt was a very responsible 5-year-old and actually liked to organize things (traits that are still a part of him today). I worked on dinner and paid … More Snapshot: Better Together


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