The Walls of Our Mind

When you were young, what hung on the walls of your room? When you were a teenager? I don’t remember the walls of our bedrooms when we are in elementary school but as a teenager I remember clearly a picture of George Harrison of the Beatles. (He was with some blond woman to whom I … More The Walls of Our Mind

Snapshot of The Committee

I have a lot of friends who know how to make decisions relatively quickly and efficiently. They assess the situation, research the facts and make a decision. It all sounds so…so…so easy. I can and have made a lot of decisions in my life. Everything from selling a house, buying a car, getting a college … More Snapshot of The Committee

Snapshot of BALLOONS!

What’s in your pocket? My Uncle Don is an adventurer, a helper, a problem solver and a hoot. He and my aunt retired years ago from law enforcement jobs and have been on a grand adventure ever since. They trekked across Australia in an RV for 6 months in order to see the country and … More Snapshot of BALLOONS!


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