Snapshot of a Cross

There is much about the Easter story that I don’t really understand. Why did so many people hate a Jewish guy who went around teaching, healing sick people and feeding hungry ones? Apparently, they didn’t subscribe to the old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  Jesus’ words … More Snapshot of a Cross

Snapshot of Mary Janes

I’m standing in a small circle of 3rd grade girlfriends. We are laughing and talking (probably about boys).  I can still remember the incredible feeling of belonging. I glance down at our feet and suddenly something inside of me freezes. I realize with clarity that I don’t really belong. It’s obvious. There are four pairs … More Snapshot of Mary Janes

Snapshot of Tree Roots

Many years ago, returning home from college for a visit, Mom asked if I’d help her cut down a tree. (We are aggressive women in my family.) A weeping willow tree in our backyard had never developed as expected. It was pathetic and Mom determined that it was about dead. So, we pioneer women sawed … More Snapshot of Tree Roots

Snapshot of Basketball

My son is tall. When he was in Junior High and High School he enjoyed basketball (still does). I became obsessed with getting him a basketball hoop for Christmas. I so badly wanted him to be able to play any time he wanted to…to be the house his friends could gather to play. This was … More Snapshot of Basketball


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