Snapshot of Great Wine

The idea of turning water into wine has been mentioned in books, movies, on TV and certainly in innumerable conversations. It’s the idea of taking something common and plentiful and turning it into something extraordinary. You probably know that the basis for it is a 1st century Palestinian wedding as told in the Bible. A … More Snapshot of Great Wine

Snapshot of a Dump Truck

I stood in the pediatric ICU at UCLA hospital at the bedside of a two-year-old boy who lay there entwined in cords linked to what seemed like science fiction machines. His eyes were closed and his breathing labored. He was so small…so helpless. I loved this boy and I loved his mother who stood opposite … More Snapshot of a Dump Truck

Snapshot of Craving

I am gluten sensitive. It’s not a full-on allergy or disease, but when I have too much gluten it really messes up my sinuses. My eyes look puffy and my head is stuffy. I try to avoid gluten when possible…mostly. But sometimes I really want a bagel, toasted with cream cheese. Yes, they have gluten … More Snapshot of Craving

Snapshot of a Sailboat

Years ago I was invited to take a sailboat ride. It was awesome. When the breeze catches the sail its breath-taking. The captain/friend knew just what to move, open up or tie down. A couple of friends knew what to do, too, and it was like watching a beautiful sort of dance. We would catch … More Snapshot of a Sailboat


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