Snapshot of Turning Pages

When I was young I remember loving to look at National Geographic magazine. Beautiful pictures of mountains, oceans, forests, desserts, flowers… nature… were mesmerizing. I learned early on that some of the pictures were scary. I’d turn a page and a full-spread close-up of some weird fish with fangs and bug eyes would pop out … More Snapshot of Turning Pages


I am in the midst of packing up my house to move…after 35 years. Anyone need some ‘stuff’? Oy vey. I have accumulated so much of it. So today I am not posting a snapshot. But I wanted to let you know that. I have a question. Why did I save six pictures that look … More Snapshot-less

Snapshot of a Chrysalis

One of the more magical events in nature is the transformation of a caterpillar (a fuzzy worm, really) into a butterfly. The delicate, beautifully colored and graceful creature flits from flower to flower making everything seem more alive and beautiful. But how does it make that transition? I don’t pretend to be a scientific genius … More Snapshot of a Chrysalis


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