What’s a snapshot?

At last count there are 126,742 blogs (I made that number up). The number may be higher. A person would have to be nuts to start another one.  Let me introduce the latest nut to join the fray.  

    What:  Snapshots.  I am a visual learner and over the years God has so often given me mental pictures to illustrate some important point in my life journey. I have done a fair amount of pastoral counseling and these pictures have served me and others over the years. Some of the snapshots are weird and require much explanation while others are beautiful and simple.  Each snapshot has a point and an application. I started ‘collecting’ then years ago and have felt pressed to somehow put them in shareable form.  It seems that digital sharing is the way to go so here I am.

   How:  As simply as possible. I am being carried in this process by a few amazing friends who know what they are doing.  I will offer a snapshot about once a week through email.  There is also a website (how weird is that!) for more information and resources.

I thank you in advance for reading these beautiful snapshots…snapshots of God’s kindness, love and wisdom.  All that is of God will touch you and hopefully shape your life journey into something of value for you and the world around you.  Whatever seems trite or confusing is purely me.  I am what I am and that’s all that I am. My prayer is that God will use these snapshots to give hope and direction to any who choose to engage with them. 

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